2020 Has Been Difficult, Lets find the 2021 Full of Happiness, possibilities, health & Joy

2020 has been both an unforgettable and forgettable year. Neither of us have escaped unscathed in our personal or professional lives. The experiences of this past year, as we look forward to 2021, give me hope for better times and new opportunities.

2020 was very unexpected for everyone, And that’s just the photo overall.  For those grieving the losses of their very closest ones, a new year means moving into a date that has not held their person. As all of us, some among most us, cherished people died this year, others were seriously affected by Covid’s illness and other illnesses.

 Since giving the due to the hard moments often means that the nice times, the comfortable times, the simple times when nothing much happens and it’s just all ordinary (how beautiful is that?) get their due as well. Their real weight. So maybe we don’t have to hurry quite so quickly to farewell 2020 or put so much pressure on 2021 to be better, maybe we can take some time to remember the tough stuff of 2020, to acknowledge our strength to get this far and to notice the toll it has taken.

And that we’ll go quietly towards 2021,  just hoping for better because it’s a new number, but knowing that each of us can make a difference based on our own decisions and the conditions in which we find ourselves-the difference might simply be in attitude or acceptance, but attitude and acceptance can generate personal change, and personal change often waves out.

“I am hopeful for better times ahead and I am confident we will emerge (at some point) with a better perspective on how to do our work. Best of luck to all of you as we turn the page to January.”

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” – “Victor Frankl

I wish you a gentle new year.

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