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Weekend One Day Trek Ganalu Fall Undiscovered

Make A Wonderful Monsoon Trip To The Undiscovered Ganalu Falls, Just 100 KM From Bangalore! Trek or Off-Roading Plan Your Perfect Weekend After Lock down.

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One fine morning I got to know from sources that Ganalu Falls is overflowing so immediately planed to visit the fall on weekend. Monsoons are nearly over, and now is the time for all the long drives you couldn’t do because of the storm! And what better time is there to see the waterfalls around town? We have an exciting, offbeat spot on this note for anybody who is searching for a quick time to get away.

©sheknowsallblog Ganalu Falls Full View

Ganalu Falls, situated just 100 km from the city of Bangalore, is near to Shivanasamudra. On rugged terrain, a waterfall of shallow water spills and the context is stunning, more so because it is undiscovered and yet to be commercially accessible.


When you enter Ganalu village on the way to Kanakapura Road, drive to the place would be a smooth one. Reaching the falls will not be easy because there is just a trail, but you can still ask for support from helpful villagers as Google Map location is not accurate. Once you reach Location you can choose to trek 5km to 6 km towards fall & when you reach fall it will be an easy climb for the last 500 meters but might be slippery, but we suggest you wear shoes that provide strong grip and support.

Video of Ganalu Fall after 7km Trek

On reaching the waterfall, you can climb down to explore if you are fit enough. Be warned, however, that the slope is steep and that getting back up can be quite a challenge. There are no pubs, eateries or stalls selling snacks, so bring your refreshments and maybe even a picnic lunch and a trash bag (be a decent Citizen and it will not be frowned upon for littering!). Take a trip through Basavana Betta Forest, which will all flower in green after rain if you have more time on hand.

How to Reach Ganalu Fall From Bangalore

  • 100 km drive or ride from Bangalore, from Kanakpura nice junction this place is 80 kms via Kanakpura road.
  • Experience the nature’s beauty on the way till you reach the village Malvalli
  • Start early morning so you can enjoy some good time near fall
  • Take help from local villagers to reach the spot

If water flow is decreased by gliding across the rocky cliffs, one can reach the falls.

Enjoy first safe Weekend Gateway, maintain Social Distancing & enjoy safe trekking.

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