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An Uncommon Plant Iresine Herbstii

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New plant added in my Garden Iresine 😊

A flowering plant in the amaranth family with glossy bright red, green, white to variegated leaves, although it rarely blooms in cultivation and is grown for its showy foliage. In the garden, this plant requires moist though well-drained soil and full sun for best color. Pinching back is recommended to maintain shape and removing buds concentrates the plant’s energy in producing the colorful foliage.

While it is generally grown as an annual in cooler climates, this tender perennial can be brought indoors in the winter and grown as a houseplant in a soil-based loamy potting mix. Water regularly, but do not let it sit in water, give it warm temperatures and bright light. Reduce water at the outset, fall to winter, and protect from direct afternoon sun. Pruning can maintain a height of 12-18 inches. If it becomes leggy, it is not getting enough light; cut back and the clippings may be rooted in water.

Iresine herbstii - efloraofindia

This Brazilian plant is attracted by its bright red leaves with prominent red veins. Fortunately for us this tropical native adapts well to being indoors, making it a spectacular accent in the room.

The plant loves bright light, on the South window it should be preliterate. In the event of insufficient lighting the plant’s leaves lose their bright colour and become green.

Care of the Year

This tropical native needs warmth, moisture and plenty of light to flourish. To maintain its vibrant colour, place it near a window or in a sunroom. If you’re putting it in your summer porch or patio, keep it shaded by the hot, direct sunlight.

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