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The Grand Canyon (Perfect Itinerary) Story Of Gorge & Fort

Gandikota is a small village located on the right bank of the Pennar River, 15 km from the nearest town of Jammalamadugu in the Andhra Pradesh district of Kadapa.

Before pressing your browser’s back button, let me reveal that yes, this post is all about India ‘s famous grand canyon, and my experience.

Off late, I have seen some articles regarding India’s Grand Canyon and how to visit the popular place on internet channel. So I too began to write on Gandikota trip on one of the weekends from Bangalore.


Let me be very frank with you, there’s no leading travel site or blog about what to expect during the tour. As soon as you reach Andhra Pradesh, the landscape changes radically, you are welcomed by the long patch of dry and hot land, and this is true when you visit Gandikota at any season except the peak monsoon.

We choose to group travel so our booking was through Wandering Ninjas & my friend Abbas big team.

You may not find any proper restaurants or refreshments on your way too. Please either store all the food products, or complete your breakfast or lunch at any Karnataka restaurant site.

Bus Travel toward One Day Gandikota Trip


Now if you’re a true road trip lover like me, you shouldn’t be bothered by the above reasons and take the suggestions as heads up for your road trip to Gandikota.

Why see India’s Grand Canyon? The reaction is straight forward and easy. It is the perfect replica of Arizona’s Grand Canyon, and secondly, this remote, offbeat village has not yet been marketed, meaning you ‘re unlikely to find crowds of tourists obstructing your view plus jam-packed car. But expect a good rush on Weekends (Saturday) as it is gaining popularity.

The Gandikota Great Gorge

Photo by Pixabay on

There is no doubt that the magnificent gorge is number one and must do things in Gandikota. You can, in my opinion, skip the rest of Gandikota’s activities to keep watching the gorge and the river that follow it through. A beautiful morning and calm evening is what I recommend you see the Indian canyon.

Visit the Mosque & Temples and find Calmness

A temple and mosque situated next to each other from ancient times, does not sound realistic? Ok, if done right, you can catch the two in the same frame. The ruins of a temple founded about the 13th century and a mosque added years later by the king, situated next to each other, provided a fine example of harmony in diversity.

Copyright @sheknowsallblog Mandir art
Copyright @sheknowsallblog Mosque in Gandikota Village

Do nothing & take advantage of nature

Over here are my fun things to do these days of travel. The pattern is called sluggish journeying. If you’re like me flying, rushing here and there to complete what you need to do on a tour, then doing nothing and enjoying the moment & nature is one of the best things you can do in Gandikota and the best view of India’s grand canyon will give you the motivation for being there.

Copyright @sheknowsallblog

After seeing the fort and the river with gorge around the town, I can certainly tell the place was chosen based on the best method of natural protection.

I don’t realise how long we had been sitting there, soaking in the peace and beauty of the surroundings that was just for us at that moment.

Thanks for reading guys,,, Few Memorable Pics below with fab group:

Copyright @sheknowsallblog

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      1. It was like that at the top of the Corinth Canal where the highway crosses it. You don’t want to go out exploring it or you could end up at the bottom in not very good shape.


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