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Entrepreneurship Is All About Overcoming Obstacles

Hello Everyone ,

As you already know, I am on the lookout for women entrepreneurs who have carved a niche for themselves in their respective fields and have inspired many others like me, who aspire to create something. I introduced you to some incredible lady bosses in my last blog and guess what this is all about?

 Yes, you are right! I am back with yet another article on  amazing women entrepreneurs, who will share with us insights about their startups and how they’ve sustained in this competitive world.

The two women whose journeys I shall share have broken barriers and worked effortlessly to reach where they are today. Despite us sharing only a professional rapport, I can not help but admire them for the sheer hard work and dedication that they put in their business and set an example for us fellow dreamers to follow.

Let me introduce you to Ms. Farida Bharmal.  A counsellor, graphologist and life skills trainer by profession, Farida has an experience that spans over a decade in the field of Graphology (Handwriting Analyst) and of 3 years as a consellor and trainer. She is also the founder of Meerakii Counselling and Training Center.

Let’s see what does Ms. Farida has to say about her journey:

“I have always wanted to live a life of purpose, a life that’s difficult to duplicate.  I was introduced to the science of Graphology in my teenage when I was doing my B.Com. The idea was intriguing enough and I decided to do the entire course in all its glory and life has not been the same ever since. When I analyzed my own writing, I realized this wasn’t the person that I wanted to be and hence the power to choose what I wanted laid with me. That was also the period when I got engaged and married and finished my certification at my Inlaws place. Thankfully they were always supportive of the path I chose and slowly and steadily the journey began. Just 2 years after my marriage , my husband decided to shift to Bangalore and I was expecting my first child at the same time, so I simply decided to give myself some time, kept the learning process on and made my first website – “World Of Handwriting ” . Later I added courses to it and in time I was not only enjoying being a mom, but also giving a structure to my career plans too. It went well, hiccups here and there, but they never bothered me , it always seemed to work for my betterment  in the end. After my second child, the yearning for more in terms of career growth bothered me , I wanted to add value to life and for that I needed to upgrade and invest in myself and my own learning . I decided to do different courses which would help me with my passion. After doing the courses I realized , I should have done them way earlier but the hesitation and fear of people asking  held me back. But then I  just decided to take the risk and it gave me a totally new perspective and blew new life to my dreams.”

World of Handwriting is 10 years old, however with the current set of leanings and tools in the kitty , it was asking for an upgrade and she set up Meerakii, within a period of 15 days.  She further adds, “ I had a mentor and even though I was attached to my past ways , the entire idea of redoing was scary but it worked and gave my business many new dimensions .

Today we take Counselling sessions, Handwriting Courses and Training on Various subjects and our clients include people from every walk of life. I realized that knowledge is power, no doubt, but when combined with action, it makes you unstoppable. Currently we are partnering with 2 amazing professionals for new projects – “Business Minds” and ” Healthy Inside Out ” where I look at the “mind” side of the aspect and my partners look after the Business side and Nutrition side respectively. I also realized that if I wanted to leave a legacy behind , I would have to join hands with skilled people who are on the same wavelength that I am.” 

I asked Farida what she wishes to achieve apart from her business growth and her wholesome reply reminds me why entrepreneurs dream to create something that adds value to the whole creation. Farida says, “My idea is to live life to the fullest , to leave a legacy behind, to die empty and that happens when you are ready to give and are not inhibited with the progress people around you are making and focus on making your own journey rich. The idea is to give in terms trainings, publishing books , building dreams of people who believe in us and have faith in us and to create fearless confident people. Our Values, mission and Vision are mentioned in our Manifesto –

‘Do have a look to have a deeper look into what we think, who we are and what we wish to accomplish.”

The reason why I love researching and knowing about fellow women entrepreneurs is their vision that not only involves creating something that benefits the society but also creating legacies for the coming generation of women to get inspired from. Talking of inspiration, the next lady boss that I am going to talk about is a yoga enthusiast and has taken up the challenge to spread fitness all around.

Fatema Abbas is a supremely dedicated and independent lady, who I met on a trekking tour and eventually learnt about her entrepreneurship. 

Fatema is the founder of Yoginex, a yoga institute that helps and guides women of all ages to move towards a fit and healthy lifestyle. Here is what Fatema has to say about her journey so far –

Mission of Yoginex :

“The mission of yoginex is to educate and heal women to have a healthy and a fulfilled life. This is the space where the well being of women is a top priority. Yoginex is providing a platform keeping in mind all the apprehensions women have towards yoga and making sure women are inspired to bring yoga into their daily lifestyle routine in order to achieve peace and harmony within Body,Mind and soul. Our mission is to motivate people to lead inspired lives every day by introducing and seamlessly connecting them to soul-nurturing experience of yoga.”

She further gives us details about the working of her business and the ideals she follows. “We do this by gathering experts, practices and ideas that lead the journey towards a healthy and inspired life. While there are many paths, we at *Yoginex* believe in these four ideas :

  • Practice. Because yoga or meditation practice is critical to our personal growth, our relationships, and our society.
  • Magic. Because music, art and yoga wash the dust of everyday life from our souls.
  • Community. Because life is best when shared with others in person.
  • Awareness. Because we’re committed to using the *Yoginex* platform to drive a positive social change. 

Yoginex offers four approaches to yoga practice namely,

Group yoga classes- where two forms of hatha yoga and ashtanga yoga are taught. A weekly scheduled  plan is used to teach with each day having focus on a different  aspect of yoga.

Chair yoga- a class specially designed  for senior  citizens. It has come to notice that a lot of people do not practice  yoga as they are unable to sit on the floor because of knee pain. In chair yoga we have a regular group class where people can practice yoga sitting on a chair.

Therapy– Different types of  therapies are provided for healing and distressing. For example shiatsu therapy, marma therapy, acupressure therapy, etc. 

Workshop– there is a dedicated  space for wellness activities. Where different forms of wellness practitioners are invited to conduct workshops and create awareness among people. Thereby offering  a holistic approach towards well-being of women.

Talking about her entrepreneurship Fatema tells us, “When I decided to take up yoga teaching professionally, I had set a few goals for myself. During the teaching program we had a session where we had to describe the space where we would like to teach and practice yoga. Thus, I had a clearer vision as to what I wish to achieve with my knowledge in yoga. “

Fatema’s journey began a few years ago when she was diagnosed with PCOD and sought a measure to reduce weight. She began her yoga jounrey with Ashmayu yoga.

The teachers, she says, were so inspiring that she fell in love with yoga at once. Ashmayu yoga had a very good teaching program. Fatema took up the teaching program and then there was no looking back. She continued teaching at ashmayu. She started small at home, teaching a few women and gradually, the idea of expanding and creating space for teaching more women came, and that is how yoginex came into existence.

I enquired if yoga has changed her perspective towards life to which she says, “Yoga is the union of body, mind and soul. The practice of yoga has brought about an immense awareness about myself. Yoga has now become part of my life style. Teaching yoga gives me a great deal of satisfaction. And as I go deeper and deeper in my Yogic journey there is a greater urge to serve the community.”

Yoga is a discipline that has helped me maintain stability and a balanced healthy lifestyle.

Our next entrepreneur Preety Maneesh is also a yoga lover whose inclination towards this discipline guided her to create something worthwhile that adds value to the human life. I came across her page on social media during the Covid -19 lockdown and that is how I know her. Come let’s take a tour of her inspiring journey.

Preety shares, “I  personally believe that a healthy mind and a healthy body are two of the most important things for any individual, which most of the people tend to ignore.” She dreams to touch lives and inspire people through art, fitness, travel by eading a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Preety currently runs a pre-school and is also an Art Educator and Yogini.  She opines that the idea of running your own business does sound fancy but it isn’t as easy. She says, “It’s about hustling! Waking up at 4.30am. Being committed, disciplined, focused and organized in life. One needs to be ready to be the CEO, sales girl, coffee maker, accountant, HR, PR, punching bag, maid without being ashamed. It’s also about working smart.”

About her journey and experience, Preety adds that she started Tattvam – a home based hobby venture which dealt with crafting and handmade products. Telling us more about her, she says, “With my pregnancy, I took a sabbatical for 3 years. In 2016, I joined a school as an Art Educator and met my current business partner.  We both took over a school and currently I manage and run it solo while she is the discreet partner. Life hasn’t been easy being a mum and living in a joint family sets up huge responsibilities. My family has been my support system. The stress piled up when I started managing the pre-school and that’s where the need for fitness arises.

I went to the gym and could not even do a bit. I started running outdoors, switched to barefoot running and life transformed. From an unhappy overweight mum, I got back to my energetic and happy self through running, yoga and art. I wake up at 4.30 on normal days and between 5am to 6am, I go running. I follow a strength training routine, get done with kitchen and house chores, send my daughter to school and head out to work. With a hectic schedule, it’s very important for me to maintain a healthy lifestyle and mind and I have fallen in love with barefoot running and yoga. I also practice self care and self love, because one cannot pour out of an empty cup. “

Preety loves it when her friends and family tell her that she is the inspiration behind their fitness journey and says, “It makes my day. I hope I can help and inspire more people to embrace fitness and lead a happy life.”

Each and every day I come across many such women from different walks of life. I meet them through my work, social media or friends and family and can’t help but think how amazing it is to live and work in a world where women like these exist. From managing their households to business, nothing has held them back and they’ve created something extraordinary not only for themselves but for humanity at large.

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  1. It is always a delight to read blogs where the extraordinary journey of a woman is bought to the forefront.
    Commendable thought behind the blogs ! Looking fwd to many more 🙂


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