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How to Grow Mint at Home in Pots – She knows All

It is very easy to grow mint or any herbs for that matter and you don’t need much space. A small balcony serves its purpose for a herb garden to start. You can start your own herb garden with mint, since mint is easy to grow. Homegrown mint is aromatic, full of flavour, tastes much better than what you get on the market and pesticide-free of course. Today we’ll be going to learn how to quickly grow mint in pots / bags at home.

To grow mint, all you need is a water-retaining container or pot that is 12 to 16 inches wide, potting soil and, of course, the mint stem Below Video will help you to know how you can grow mint with mint stems available in your kitchen TaDaaa!

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Tips to Follow to Grow Easy Mint at Home

Best thing about this herb is you don’t have to buy nursery mint vine. Honestly, I thought, it’s money wasting. Get a mint or pudina bunch from nearby vegetable market. Choose mint with thick stems when buying mint from the market as seen in the image below.

Mint requires good quality soil rich and well drained. I used the my home made decompose soil, and red soil mixture.

Before planting make sure your soil is wet and rich. Then plant the stems between the stems in a pot. Upon planting sprinkle with water well. For proper drainage, make sure the pot or jar you are using has holes. Make sure the soil is wet and don’t over water your plant.

Keep the mint plant in a a shed area where morning sunlight and partial afternoon shade. Within three days times, you will find new leaves coming up (for me it’s comes in two days as well) Add Decompose soil once in 20 days times. Within two week times you will able to harvest your mint and use them in your kitchen from your own special home garden.

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